The Uncle Reuben Project is an interdisciplinary, authentic learning project going on in my classroom. It brings genealogy into my classroom and engages my students with real world learning experiences! Resources and primary source documents can be found at the links to the right.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Travel Journal Entry by Uncle Reuben 1947

I transcribed the entry, above, from Great Uncle Reuben's travel journal for my class during The Uncle Reuben Project this year. It took my 2nd graders a little while to realize he was referring to bears. I wondered about the reference of Bruiser so I googled it along with words such as "Chicago," which is where they were living at the time. I believe he called the bear Bruiser because the Chicago Cubs had a mascot that was a bear named Bruiser at that time. Uncle Reuben had a sense of humor!

This is a follow-up post to my series on Uncle Reuben.I have also written about the project on Top Teaching/Shari Edwards

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Uncle Reuben and His Canoe

Recently, I visited my aunt and uncle on their farm near McPherson, Kansas. I love going there because they are lots of fun AND my uncle is the family genealogist for his generation. Every time I visit I find another treasure!
As I was looking through yet another group of photos for the first time, I spotted Uncle Reuben! I have lots of pictures of him but this one was special because it showed him WITH "the famous" canoe! The picture isn't in the best shape but it is a visual connection between Reuben and the canoe.

This picture is absolutely going to be a part of The Uncle Reuben Project for Year 3! What a find!