The Uncle Reuben Project is an interdisciplinary, authentic learning project going on in my classroom. It brings genealogy into my classroom and engages my students with real world learning experiences! Resources and primary source documents can be found at the links to the right.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Uncle Reuben Project - Year 2 Open House

The Uncle Reuben Project - Year 2

Here are some end products for year 2 from May 2013's Open House.
More about the process later! It was an exciting spring!

  • black and white dioramas
  • canoe sketches and blueprints with measurements
  • realia in the form of a 16.5 ft. canoe and two small metal models of Uncle Reuben's childhood home and school wth students to answer all of their questions
  • video interview between "Uncle Reuben" and a reporter
  • silent movie made by five 2nd graders
  • posters about the 1920's popular culture
  • photographs of transportaion from the 1920's and 30's
  • posters of students' family trees that were completed at home with their families
  • timelines of Uncle Reuben's life
  • demonstrations of how to use the scale key on a map to measure the miles
  • notebooks full of primary sources to explain to visitors
  • 20 confident seven and eight year-olds proudly talking about their newly acquired knowledge
  • one proud teacher who was already planning their next authentic learning experience in her imagination

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Uncle Reuben's Canoe

Recently, I discovered that one of my uncles actually has the canoe that Uncle Reuben used to travel down the Mississippi River in the early 1930's. Now I have more research to do! Here are some pictures I took of it.
The rudder, shown above, was built by Reuben and added to
the canoe along with a sail.

The canvas on the bottom of the canoe is very worn.